What type of startups you work with?

We work with early stage B2B SaaS Startups.

How do you work with the Startups?

We enable founders of early stage SaaS startups to scale their business with help of funds, mentoring and access to wider network.

How much do you invest in a startup?

We like to engage with SaaS founders at a very early stage and help with Seed, Pre-Series A or Series A investments; the amount ranges from INR 1 Crore to INR 37 Crores.

Do you work with startups from any specific location?

As our current engagement is virtual, hence startups can apply from any location to work with us, our current work has been mostly with Indian SaaS Startups.

How are you different than the other startup accelerators?

Like other startup accelerators we also focus on working with only handful startups each year but the key difference is that we focus only on B2B SaaS startups as we understand this sector quite well and we have all the required resources that could help them scale their business faster.

I am only looking for funding, can you help?

Short and simple answer, Yes.

I am good with funding but need help in accelerating the growth, can you help?

Scaling business is our core expertise, we understand B2B SaaS quite well and hence we could support the business and take it to next level of growth or funding stage.