What type of startups you work with?

We are sector agnostic, we like startups going after big problems solving them leveraging technology. Founders should have a clear vision of how they are going to build a large and global business.

Some of our focus sectors are SaaS, Enterprise Software, FinTech, EdTech, E-Commerce, HealthTech, CleanTech, Blockchain, AR/VR and DeepTech.

What is your investment thesis?

We have a unique way of working with startups, it’s more of a collaborative approach that we take when comes to investing.

We believe growing and scaling a startup is best done when you have more pair of hands at work .i.e more Investors coming together to participate in the growth journey of a business.

With more hands at work the value creation is far better and much faster, hence once we are interested in a business, we typically take them to the relevant VCs (Indian and Global) to close the funding round.

How much do you invest in a startup?

We come in at Seed, Pre-Series A and Series A stages.

The typical investment amount ranges from $500K to $25 million, it is done along with our network of Indian and Global Investors. 

Do you work with startups from any specific country?

We work with startups from India and US region.

How are you different from others?

Collaboration and co-creation of value for all stakeholders is our core value and philosophy, we feel that makes the difference and it shows in the results.

And, one more key thing about us; Like any other investor we too hate to say no to any opportunity that comes to us, as we recognise how hard it is to build a business from scratch. In order to support founders we advise them and provide constructive feedback around what they could do to become investible and attractive to investors.

Sometimes non-monetary assistance could also prove to be as valuable as monetary assistance. Doing our bit to build a strong ecosystem of entrepreneurs, we want more founders to thrive and build enduring companies!

We generally keep our Fridays open for pitch sessions, reach us to book your slot!