The Growth Company

The Growth Company
Discover 17 Commandments to drive faster business growth  

The Growth Company is a gripping, thought provoking and an insightful tale revealing 17 Business Growth Principles — each principle worth in gold that has power to reshape the future of any company.

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Slowing economy and a challenging business environment had made life tough for most business leaders. Vikram Singh, Chairman and Managing Director of CSG, too felt the heat and was staring at his first negative business growth year in the company.

Desperate to find solutions to put the company on growth path — he discovered ancient wisdom in form of 17 Growth Commandments. Armed with the newfound wisdom, he embarks on a journey along with his team of Business Leaders to re-energize the company, to put it on the growth path and accelerate the pace of growth.


 Book Reviews: 

‘Powerful and Relevant’
Karl Mehta, CEO, Edcast

‘Brilliant Management Storytelling’
Prabir Jha, CEO, Prabir Jha People Advisory 

‘Growth is vital for business to sustain and The Growth Company elegantly elucidates 17 commandments for spearheading growth. No jargons and some really great observations. Easy way to gain growth wisdom.’
Arnab Banerjee, COO, CEAT 

‘In volatile times like today, Mansingh’s book The Growth Company comes as a welcome relief! The story telling and first person conversational style is most alluring! The lessons are brilliantly curated to make a lasting impression! A must read!’
Shailesh Haribhakti, Chairman, Shailesh Haribhakti Associates

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